Ask the Expert: Oncolytic Viral Therapies


Donna Soskin

Melanoma Survivor

Donna is a retired masseuse and former Pilates teacher. Donna is a mother of two grown adult children. She is crazy about the NFL, enjoys playing tennis and watching sports. Donna is a melanoma survivor.

Jim Day

Melanoma Survivor

Jim Day is an artist and custom fabricator from Los Angeles. He is well known in his community as the guy who can build anything out of anything, and often helps others build things they could not build themselves. In 2021, Jim discovery he had a brain tumor, and was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic melanoma. After his diagnosis, Jim met with Dr. In whom informed him of his treatment options. Jim knew instantly when he spoke to Dr. In about oncolytic viruses that he wanted to work with him. Two years later Jim has lost an extraordinary amount of cancer, and his side effects are minimal. Jim says that because of Dr. In and the oncolytic virus therapies, he feels alive again. 

Dr. Gino In

medical oncologist

University of Southern California

Gino K. In is a medical oncologist at the University of Southern California, who specializes in solid tumor and cutaneous oncology. He completed his oncology fellowship at the USC Keck School of Medicine and subsequently joined the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, where he oversees the multidisciplinary melanoma and skin cancer program, and leads clinical trials for melanoma, and other skin cancers, including cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and Merkel cell carcinoma.


Oncolytic Viral Therapies in the Treatment of Melanoma and Skin Cancers
Recorded 01/30/2024  |  60 minutes
Recorded 01/30/2024  |  60 minutes On January 30, 2024 the MRF held an Ask the Expert webinar with Dr. Gino K. In from the University of Southern California Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. This session was titled "Oncolytic Viral Therapies in the Treatment of Melanoma and Skin Cancers" and explored the mechanisms of how oncolytic viruses work against cancer, new approaches to the design of these drugs, and how these viruses are designed to minimize the risk of infection. The session also featured patient advocates, Donna Soskin and Jim Day, who shared their experiences utilizing this therapy. *This presentation was recorded in 2024.
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